VR Driving School provides driving simulators and customized software solutions for organizations seeking the most effective way to train and assess drivers. With social distancing protocols in place for the foreseeable future it is imperative that organizations adapt to the changed landscape. By implementing our simulators, organizations can transform how they deliver driver education and training, with technology. All of our simulators are wholly manufactured in North America and we have a multitude of simulators that will fit your optimal training goals and workspace.

Frontier XR Training - Mobile Edition
Frontier XR Training - Drivers Edition
Frontier XR Training - Truckers Edition

Your customized driver training software will include road rules and signage specific to your area, driving conditions and virtual cities that can replicate any part of your training environment. These important details make learning in a simulator exponentially more engaging and efficient than traditional driver training. This means experienced drivers will pick up your targeted learning outcomes sooner. New drivers that tend to struggle behind the wheel initially due to high anxiety and a lack of kinesthetic ability can learn without the fear of doing harm to themselves or others. This dramatically improves their outlook and results

Frontier XR Training - Urban USA Sunny
Frontier XR Training - South Africa Rain
Frontier XR Training - Urban USA Snow & Ice

We introduced VR Driver Training locally under Frontier Driving Academy in February of 2018. Throughout the course of that year we had 308 clients, predominantly new drivers, utilize the simulator. From that number only 31 users or approximately 10% said they preferred traditional in-car training. Majority of this group were over the age of 25 and had some previous driving experience. By far, the group that benefitted the most from the VR experience were those under the age of 24.

Compared to traditional driver education and training methods, based on ten years of driver training experience, new students were learning basic driving skills and fundamentals in less than half of the time in comparison to clients that did their training inside an actual vehicle. The VR experience is so authentic, the transition to managing the vehicle itself is seamless. As well, concerns about other road users was considerably less as they had already built up their judgement and decision-making abilities in the driving simulator. By combining real world scenarios with the active learning of kinesthetic skills, virtual reality truly maximizes the ability to learn.

Frontier XR Training - Right Hand Driver Training
Corporate VR Training
Frontier XR Training - Corporate VR Training

With our background in developing corporate defensive driver training programs and with the success of our VR training we began customizing driving software in the early part of 2019 and have worked with a number of multinational organizations. Training with technology requires little to no supervision and users are provided with immediate feedback and results upon completion of their task.

We also offer the option to host Web Admin Pages that allows select members of your organization the flexibility to view, organize, and export user results remotely from any computer or mobile device. By combining engaging and efficient driver training with the ability to record performance metrics, you will become an industry leader and gain a significant competitive and financial advantage.



  • Engaging for all ages and backgrounds - particularly Generation Z (under 24)
  • VR experience provides the most accurate simulation of driving tasks
  • Consistent delivery of training through social distancing and beyond
  • Customizable software aligned to achieve your objectives