Close call is an affordable and cost-effective Material Heavy Equipment (MHE) solution whether you are a large business that has 10,000 machines across the country or a small company with 10 machines in your local warehouse.

Most MHE solutions start at over $100,000 for just a single building because they require a large amount of hardware that makes them not only expensive but prone to constant maintenance. Also, if you modify the battery or roll cage of any machine in your warehouse there is a strong likelihood that it will void the warranty on one of your most valuable assets.



1) UWB Tags, similar to the size of a pager, are easily attached to machinery magnetically or clipped to the belt of a machine operator, floor worker or warehouse visitor. The Tags can be configured to any distance that you would like users to receive audible warning and/or vibration, ranging from less than one foot to fifty feet. Please note that unlike more expensive solutions, our UWB Tags function independently and don't require connectivity to the network in order to give audible/vibration alerts. 

2) Gateway Anchors will be strategically placed in the high traffic areas of your warehouse and in real-time we will transmit Close Call incidents to our database. The main reason that our solution is so cost-effective is because you do not need Gateway Anchors throughout the warehouse to receive the safety benefits. By placing Anchors just in the busier parts of your warehouse, like the loading and receiving docks, you will encourage safe driving behavior where the most employees are working and the highest probability for incidents exist. 

3) The Close Call Database is extremely user-friendly for all of your organizational users and needs. We also provide the option to collect and store Machine Inspection Reports so that all of your Equipment Safety Data is conveniently stored altogether and accessible 24/7.



UWB TAG - $150 per machine/worker

GATEWAY ANCHOR - $1000 for every 1000 sq/ft of high traffic area

CUSTOMIZED DATABASE - $5000 for unlimited users and use

ANNUAL SERVICE FEE - $10,000 per building includes remote support, customized software and warranty on all provided equipment


Company with 25,000 sq/ft warehouse with 50 pieces of equipment and two loading docks (each dock approximately 5000 sq ft).

50 UWB Tags for 50 machines = $7500

10 Gateway Anchors for 10,000 sq ft of dock space = $10,000

Customized Database - $5000

Annual Service Fee = $10,000

Total Cost = $32,500

UWB Tags
Gateway Anchor
Pedestrian UWB
Close call Machine
Close Call