With Ergo-on-the-Go you can literally take your Workplace Safety Training on the road. Using an iPhone or iPad anyone can evaluate just like an Athletic Trainer and the parameters are customized to your workplace ergonomics standards. So simple to use and flexible to be utilized anywhere at anytime, with or without internet connectivity.


No employee wants to be chronically injured. Ergo-on-the-Go gives a Workplace Trainer or Manager the opportunity to train with technology and visually show workers what they are doing that is so unsafe. Instant replay of the assessment and an unbiased scorecard means more efficient and engaging training.


  • Managers and supervisors in your organization will now have the tools to provide an accurate and engaging biomechanical assessment. 
  • Simple and straightforward interface means you don't need to be tech savvy to evaluate like an Athletic Trainer.
  • All settings are customizable to help achieve the targeted learning outcomes for your specific organization.
  • Documented training metrics are provided immediately with a scorecard at the conclusion of each assessment.
  • The ability to replay the video of the assessment to an employee or client in the moment to visually train and educate.
  • All videos and training metrics can be managed locally on your device or automatically uploaded to a website for immediate access by all members of your organization
  • Ergo-on-the-Go does not require internet connectivity to complete a full assessment.
  • Physically distant means to complete an imperative Workplace Safety task that will make all of those involved more comfortable.

Ergo-on-the-Go Handout


Frontier XR Training - In the building
Frontier XR Training - Outside